Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The perfect invitations for a boat wedding!

these navy sailboat wedding invites are perfect for a boat wedding
Sailboat Wedding Invitation
What better way to celebrate you and your sweetheart's love of sailing than to tie the knot on a sailboat? I love sailing, but honestly had never heard of anyone getting married on a boat until one of my customers had me design a special invitation for their Key West wedding that took place on a chartered wedding sailboat from Danger Charters. From their website: 

"What could be more romantic, more ideal, that a wedding in Key West while sailing. Let us make your dream wedding come true. Step aboard single, and step off married with your future ahead...
From catering and drink, to nuptials and vows, Danger Charters takes the worries away from your wedding planning, allowing you the freedom and luxury of enjoying your special day together."
I think I'd have to agree! My husband and I celebrated our 7th anniversary (and we got married on 7-7-7 so it was extra-lucky) in Key West and it was amazing - here's a view of a sailboat sailing into the sunset - now imagine your wedding taking place on that boat:

sailboat charter in Key West - what a great way to have an all inclusive wedding

Worried about getting seasick? My observations from sailing, especially smaller boats is that you're more likely to get seasick if you can't see the horizon. Getting to be out on the deck, smelling the fresh sea air and looking out at the crystalline horizon can actually help prevent seasickness because your inner ear isn't saying "hey, I'm inside a room but the floor seems to be moving?"

Here are some other great invitations to let your guests know what a treat they're in for at your awesome boat wedding (pictured from top to bottom):

these navy compass wedding invitations are perfect for a wedding on a sailboat
Compass Wedding Invitations
merchant ship wedding invitations for a wedding on a boat
Merchant Ship Wedding Invitations
Waves Wedding Invitations perfect for a boat wedding!
Waves Wedding Invitation

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

5 Beautiful Beach Photos That Will Whisk You Away From Your Desk Into Paradise

I love the beach photography by Aspiring Images by Rachel (full disclosure: also a friend of mine! Also we went to the same elementary school! In Saudi Arabia!) So I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you - you can buy them as prints to hang on your office wall to remind you that spreadsheets aren't the only thing in life: visit Rachel's online shop.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Octopus Wedding Invites for a Gulf Coast wedding in Texas

Octopus Save the Date by Concertina Press

When you think of "Beach Wedding" you might not immediately think "Texas" but about 1/4 of the state borders the Gulf of Mexico, full of beautiful sandy beaches. When we lived in San Antonio when I was a kid we took a beach trip to Corpus Christi, collecting shells and playing in the beautiful white sand (and I remember accidentally stepping in a tar ball, but other than that having a great time).
These Octopus save the dates and wedding invitations were the perfect fit for this couple getting married in a suburb of Houston.

If you're interested in these octopus wedding invitations or save the dates, you can contact me for a quote or purchase a sample from my website so you can see the paper and print quality before placing a full order. Don't forget to check out my testimonials page to see what other couples have to say about Concertina Press!

Octopus Wedding Invitation by Concertina Press

Monday, July 13, 2015

Inspiration will come, but it has to find you working - Printable Pablo Picasso Quote

a quote to print when you are feeling uncreative - Inspiration will come, but it has to find you working - Printable Pablo Picasso Quote

Have a bad case of the Mondays? I wish I could blame my creative block on a day of the week but lately it seems like I am uninspired to make anything new! I know every creative person has experienced what's called "writer's block" or whatever the artistic equivalent is. When you have about 1000 ideas floating around in your head, but just can't quite seem to get up the energy to make any of them, here's a great quote on inspiration by Pablo Picasso to inspire you to get out the materials and start making something - anything, and hopefully that will attract the creative muse. 

Another great quote to remember when you're feeling creatively fallow is "Water must simmer before it comes to a boil". At least, that's what I'm telling myself...Hey, at least I made this quote about inspiration!

To download this free printable, right click on the image above and select "download" or "save image as" - it should print out nicely at 300dpi as a 5x7 image. Please do not sell this image, or crop my watermark out of it or claim it as your own. Please DO share on Pinterest and print it out to hang up in your studio so you can stare at it mournfully. I hope it inspires you!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Gray and Navy Cape Cod Save the Dates and Directions Card

Gray and White Cape Cod Save the Dates with navy text by Concertina Press
While most of the couples getting married on Cape Cod opt for the classic navy and white color scheme, I also occasionally get requests for darker colors like slate gray and black and white Cape Cod invitations, which I'm happy to accommodate. For this couple's wedding we did a blue-gray cape cod map, did "Save the Date" and the names in navy script and paired it with a lovely slate gray envelope and the finished look was very elegant! 

Below you can see a directions card for the Clarion Hotel in Dennis for a wedding that took place at the West Dennis Yacht club - here the map is in gray with navy text and a navy star over the hotel location. I designed this directions card to pair with my Cape Cod wedding invitation.
Gray and White Cape Cod Directions card with navy text by Concertina Press

If you're interested in dark gray Cape Cod save the dates or wedding invites, you can contact me directly for a quote, or purchase a sample of my navy and white Cape Cod save the dates on my website - even though the colors won't be the same, you'll get to see the paper and print quality, and if you leave me a note I can see if I have any extra dark gray envelopes to send your way!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Seahorse Wedding Invitations made from Antique Scientific Illustrations

This dull brown seahorse illustration was given new life as a pretty beach wedding invitation
People are often curious how I create my nautical wedding invitations and ask if I draw the pictures - the answer I jokingly give is "if I could draw that well, I'd be working as a scientific illustrator". Although I can draw (this illustrated Octopus Miniature Book is a good example) I created my stationery business Concertina Press to highlight the beautiful old out-of-copyright scientific illustrations hidden away in biological volumes in scientific libraries like the MBLWHOI library, where I used to work. 
See the story behind these seahorse wedding invitations and the scientific illustrations they were made from
This seahorse wedding invitation is a great example - as you can see in the top photo, the original scientific plate was old and yellowed, and as far as I can tell, originally in black and white. Using the computer, I digitally restored the seahorses, adding a little artistic license by making them aqua colored, and collaging them with the sea-moss prints you see below. Now they're perfect for a Florida beach wedding! If you're interested in ordering these for your wedding, you can visit my website to purchase a sample, or contact me for a quote. 

these sea moss illustrations were turned into vibrant beach wedding invitations by Concertina Press

Click here to see more stories behind my nautical wedding invitations and how they're made.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Alternative Guestbook Map for your Cape Cod Wedding

An alternative guestbook for a Cape Cod wedding from Concertina Press
So excited to offer this fun alternative guestbook for your wedding on Cape Cod! I created an 11"x14" print of this gorgeous antique map of the Cape, based on my very popular Cape Cod Save the Dates and Cape Cod Wedding Invitations so that your guests can sign their names and well wishes around the map, and you can frame it to create a lovely keepsake that will remind you of your wedding day for years to come.

Originally I had thought of offering it in a frame, but there are SO many places that sell frames, like Target, Pier One or Michaels (even better if you use your 40% off coupon that they usually have online!) that I figured that

1) it would be great if you could pick your own frame to match the feel of your home, whether it be a cool modern city apartment in Boston or a cozy seaside cottage on the Cape

2) it would be significantly more expensive to ship a heavy framed piece, not to mention more breakable.

So instead, you'll get a print shipped to you in the mail, the map is digitally printed is on lovely archival 100% cotton rag paper and is customized with your name, wedding date, town and an optional heart over the town! Once you buy a frame, you can leave the glass out at the wedding so people can sign it, and then when the wedding is over, add the glass back in to create an instant heirloom keepsake from your wedding.

"Ok!" You're saying - "how do I get one of these awesome guestbook maps for myself??" Simply visit my online shop and follow the ordering instructions in the description:

Alternative Wedding Guestbook With Cape Cod Map

Map of Cape Cod that wedding guests can sign as an alternative to a guestbook made by Concertina Press
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