Friday, October 23, 2015

Cute and Colorful Lobster Christmas Cards

Cute and colorful Lobster Christmas cards from Concertina Press
It's that time again! Christmas card season - I know most people like to communicate through text or email (myself included, most of the time) but there's something really special and fun about receiving a Christmas card in the mail. You know I can hardly send a card design to print without some kind of pun-tastic saying inside, right? These funny nautical lobster Christmas cards say "Wishing you Lobstah joy this holiday season!" inside. So cute! You can purchase them on my website: Lobster Christmas Cards.
nautical christmas cards from Concertina Press

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cape Cod Save the Dates in Gray and Navy Perfect for your Cape Cod Wedding

I had a special request this summer for a bride getting married in Chatham for Cape Cod Map save the dates in navy and a soft, dove gray. I absolutely love how the colors came out, and they’re perfect for a classic and timeless wedding, especially if you think the regular design with the navy envelopes doesn’t quite fit your theme. If you’re interested in ordering light gray Cape Cod Map save the dates for your wedding, feel free to contact me with the number you’re thinking of ordering and I’ll be happy to give you a quote as well as more information about the ordering process.

  Don’t forget to check out my reviews! I know speaking from my own experience that I love the convenience of ordering online, but also want to be assured that if I’m making a large and important purchase that I’m dealing with the right person: visit my reviews page  to see what past clients have to say about working with Concertina Press.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Watch this amazing video of an Octopus escaping from a jar!

These navy octopus wedding invitations were the perfect match for Nicole & Christopher's wedding at the New England Aquarium in Boston. I remember visiting the aquarium for my friend's birthday a couple years ago - I absolutely loved watching the octopus, and the aquarium even provided toys for him, including legos that he could pull apart, and a rubik's cube. Check out the octopus below escaping from a jar to give you an idea of their cleverness and dexterity:

If you're interested in ordering Octopus wedding invitations, too, you can visit my website to purchase a sample, or contact me for a quote. Ruth

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Florida Beach Wedding Invitation inspiration: Seahorses, Auger Shells and Sea Turtles

Florida Beach Wedding Seahorse Invitations by Concertina Press
Since moving to Florida in 2013, my nautical wedding invitations have taken a turn for the tropical! I designed these seahorse wedding invitations to reflect the bright and cheerful aqua, coral and pink colors I see on a daily basis (people here love painting their houses colors that would make the historical society in Cape Cod freak out). You can learn more about how I made the seahorse invitations from another post I wrote : Seahorse Wedding Invitations made from Antique Scientific Illustrations
Florida Beach Wedding Seashell invitations in purple by Concertina Press
Shortly after moving to Florida, I had a special request from a bride getting married in Sarasota for a purple seashell themed wedding invite - my spiral seashell wedding invitation was the perfect fit, especially paired with purple envelopes and purple font for the names.
Florida Aquarium Wedding Invitations with Sea Turtles by Concertina Press

Another Florida bride was married at the Tampa Bay Aquarium and picked these beautiful aqua sea turtle wedding invitations. So far I'm loving Florida and I'm excited to see what new an colorful tropical invites I'll come up with next!
Winter in Florida
(obligatory beach selfie - you can tell it's "winter" because I'm wearing pants to the beach while all those tourists are going swimming in the background)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The perfect invitation for your Mermaid theme wedding

Mermaid wedding invitations or party invitations from Concertina Press
These mermaid wedding invitations are perfect for an under the sea wedding. Check out my previous post that shows pictures of the illustration process - this invitation is a collaboration between me and the talented illustrator Sarah Ryan. They'd also make really pretty Mermaid birthday party invitations! If you're interested in using these mermaid invites for your next party, you can contact me or purchase a sample on my website: Mermaid Wedding Invitations

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New nautical note cards from Concertina Press

blue lighthouse note card set from Concertina Press
I added some new blank notecards to my line by popular request - you can find them on my website, or possibly in a store near you (check the list posted over to the right under "can I buy cards locally?"). The lighthouse illustration came from a chapter page in a victorian novel, and the striped bass came from an engraving in the dictionary. I think either of these note card sets would make a great nautical gift!

blue striped bass notecard set from Concertina Press

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The perfect invitations for a boat wedding!

these navy sailboat wedding invites are perfect for a boat wedding
Sailboat Wedding Invitation
What better way to celebrate you and your sweetheart's love of sailing than to tie the knot on a sailboat? I love sailing, but honestly had never heard of anyone getting married on a boat until one of my customers had me design a special invitation for their Key West wedding that took place on a chartered wedding sailboat from Danger Charters. From their website: 

"What could be more romantic, more ideal, that a wedding in Key West while sailing. Let us make your dream wedding come true. Step aboard single, and step off married with your future ahead...
From catering and drink, to nuptials and vows, Danger Charters takes the worries away from your wedding planning, allowing you the freedom and luxury of enjoying your special day together."
I think I'd have to agree! My husband and I celebrated our 7th anniversary (and we got married on 7-7-7 so it was extra-lucky) in Key West and it was amazing - here's a view of a sailboat sailing into the sunset - now imagine your wedding taking place on that boat:

sailboat charter in Key West - what a great way to have an all inclusive wedding

Worried about getting seasick? My observations from sailing, especially smaller boats is that you're more likely to get seasick if you can't see the horizon. Getting to be out on the deck, smelling the fresh sea air and looking out at the crystalline horizon can actually help prevent seasickness because your inner ear isn't saying "hey, I'm inside a room but the floor seems to be moving?"

Here are some other great invitations to let your guests know what a treat they're in for at your awesome boat wedding (pictured from top to bottom):

these navy compass wedding invitations are perfect for a wedding on a sailboat
Compass Wedding Invitations
merchant ship wedding invitations for a wedding on a boat
Merchant Ship Wedding Invitations
Waves Wedding Invitations perfect for a boat wedding!
Waves Wedding Invitation

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